• The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan: Monthly Online Edition

    Online Content

    We were asked to make an online version of the The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan's Number 1 Shinbun. Previously we had worked on the print version, but due to the pandemic the magazine was shifted to online so that those unable to visit Japan could stay up-to-date. The existing layout was adjusted to make it easy to read on digital devices.

    September, 2021 - Present
  • Inbound Research Project on the Parks of Kitakyushu


    A construction and management firm asked us to survey a number of parks and sites of historical interest in the city of Kitakyushu with the goal to provide insights as to how the parks could be made more appealing for international tourists. We mobilized a team of East Asian and Western experts to produce a report of both the on-site facilities and online presence. A report was then submitted and a chance given to the client to ask for further information on the areas that interested them.

    September, 2021
  • Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau: English Website News Updates

    English Content Creation

    We were asked to provide English news updates for the Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau (YCVB) English website. We started by looking at their Japanese content, and decided what the most important elements would be for an international audience. We then rewrote the content in an engaging way with said audience in mind. For projects like this we prefer to assign the same team to the project longterm to ensure that the client's message remains consistent.

    October, 2021
  • Voice Create Tokyo: Japanese and English Website Creation

    Website Creation

    A client approached us looking for a bilingual website, but it quickly became clear that the potential readers of the Japanese and English versions would be very different. Accordingly we developed two parallel sites, similar in design and content, but tailored to each market. We also produced an introductory video, and ran Google advertising campaigns to drive traffic.

    October, 2021
  • Ministry of the Environment: Explanatory Panels for Exhibition in Hungary


    We were tasked with providing an English translation of a number of explanatory panels on the theme of the Japanese peoples' coexistence with the natural world, to be used at an exhibition in Hungary. Our team of native English translators translated the explanatory panels with an international perspective to raise global awareness about the status of Japanese wildlife protection and conservation of the natural environment in Japan, including sensitive issues relating to wild animal population control.

    September, 2021
  • English Social Media Content Creation for Medical Supplier

    Social Media Content Creation

    Created original English content for the global Facebook page of a company developing medical products and services. Since pharmaceutical-related writing is specialized content, and the products in questions were highly specialized, the the client created a rough draft of the manuscript in Japanese covering the key points, and our native English writer wrote the content in English. We also created an advertising campaign plan and provided advice on Facebook for the overseas market. Finally, we provided the representative for the company's social media presence training and support so they could eventually manage advertising campaigns internally.

    January to November, 2021
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Japan Olympics Museum Video Creation

    Video Creation

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested a video that they could use to introduce the Japan Olympic Museum to international journalists. We filmed an introduction to the museum, its purpose, and the various interactive exhibits. Filming in 2021 we were very mindful of perceptions of Tokyo at the time, and filmed and edited the video accordingly.

    July, 2021
  • Cabinet Office, Government of Japan: Website Design and Content Creation for National Strategic Special Zones Project

    Website Content Creation

    Original website creation for the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. A custom website was commissioned including original text, graphics, and coding, that could be added to the clients existing web presence. The site was created with international perspectives and SDGs in mind, so that a complicated project could be explained in a nuanced and accessible way. (The website is not currently viewable)

    May, 2022
  • “Kurashinity” Promotion Video Creation for Pasona

    Video Creation

    We produced and directed a video for Kurashinity, a housekeeping service operated by Pasona. We needed one concept that would work for Japanese customers as well as Japan's international residents. We created one video that could be used to concisely convey an outline of the service in practical terms, and another video that conveyed the brand identity.

    May, 2021
  • JETRO Tokushima – Consulting on Website and Video Creation Projects

    Advertising and Marketting

    The Tokushima Trade Information Center, part of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) asked us to provide our expertise to companies in Tokushima Prefecture who were looking to improve and globalize their website and video production output. Our team visited each company and provided personalized consulting services based on our advance research with a view to appeal to overseas buyers and improve their overall brand image.

    March, 2021