Advertising and Marketing

SEDO has extensive experience working on marketing projects for various corporate clients and government agencies. Our services can be adapted for your chosen media, or we can advise you on the best strategy for the current market climate.

  • International Advertising Agency

    SEDO can take your message to an international audience. Whether domestically in Japan or internationally, we can manage your advertising campaigns across multiple media in print and online.

  • Market Research and Consulting

    SEDO offers a range of consulting services that includes preparing press or monitor tours, arranging in-depth consultations with industry experts, and much more. We can gather data, distribute questionnaires (in person and online), and run focus groups in many languages.

Content Creation

SEDO can create original media to your specifications. Every project is managed individually using our international team of writers and creatives to make sure your message is presented correctly in your choice of language.

  • Print Media

    SEDO's team of professional writers has extensive experience writing for newspapers, magazines, and corporate publications. They know what appeals to international readers and how to communicate your message so that it will be readily understood. Page layouts and photography are prepared with scrupulous attention to detail also for an international audience.

  • Online Media

    SEDO's multiplatform services can synchronize campaigns across online media in various languages. We offer custom multilingual websites for the global age, tailored to meet the expectations of an international audience. SEDO applies the same exacting standards to social-media posts as we do to print media.

Translation and Editing

At SEDO, we avoid word-for-word translation and have content rewritten from the ground up so that it reads smoothly and naturally in the target language. Text is always reviewed twice to ensure absolute accuracy and clarity.