• Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture – Multilingual Household Disaster Preparedness Handbook

    Translation & DTP

    We were asked to translate a 56-page Household Disaster Preparedness Handbook produced by Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture from Japanese to six languages (English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Tagalog), and adjust the page layouts accordingly. Our team ensured the information was clear and accurate in each language, including visual information such as illustrations and maps.

    January, 2024
  • Furusato Nozei Corporate Portal Website Content Creation for JTB

    Website Content Creation

    Furusato Connect is a portal site of the Furusato Nozei (hometown tax) website targeting corporate readership operated by JTB. We were approached to create content for Furusato Connect in 2020 and this project continued for 4 years in total. Our team worked closely with municipalities around Japan to increase their media presence and attract greater awareness for how donations had a tangible affect in local communities. We produced content primarily in Japanese as well as a number of other languages.

    March, 2020 - March, 2024
  • Pasona Group – English Content Creation

    Content Creation

    We were asked to create a series of regular English articles for Pasona Group's Kurashinity Housekeeper service. We began by suggesting what pre-existing content could be efficiently localized, and eliminating content that was too Japanese-specific. Finally we were commissioned to produce original content in English that would be relevant to the expat, and international community in Japan.

    November, 2022-
  • Work Yamanashi Video and Pamphlet

    Content Creation

    We were asked to produce a video and pamphlet in multiple languages to attract international job-seekers to Yamanashi Prefecture. As part of the project we visited the prefecture and interviewed foreign people already working in the area. Using these stories we created a video and pamphlet centered on their perspectives, highlighting what they found appealing and challenging about working in Japan. Our goal was to create practical and aspirational content that represented Yamanashi Prefecture's progressive stance.

    March, 2023
  • Yokohama Convention and Visitors Bureau Official Website Redesign

    Website Creation

    Yokohama Convention and Visitors Bureau (YCVB) commissioned a report on their web presence, highlighting areas for improvement. We then conducted a full scale redesign of their website in both Japanese and English. We were keen to create a single site that felt "global" instead of two different sites for a Japanese or international audience. The final design reflects Yokohama's identity and legacy in international exchange, and backend SEO measures were also implemented.

    March, 2023
  • Ouse-Inaka Experience Exchange – Research and Monitor Tours

    Research and Consulting

    A team of experts from Europe, North America, and Australia were dispatched over three separate tours of Ouse in Fukushima. They provided insights during their trip to the local tourism association, and reported their findings to help develop tourism services in the area. In addition an article was commissioned for to help put messaging into practice.

    December, 2021
  • Kansai Tourism Bureau – English Content Creation

    English Content Creation

    We produced a series of English language articles for the Kansai Tourism Bureau official homepage focusing on luxurious cultural experiences that are generally not open to the general public. A number of our writers visited Tokushima, Shiga, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Wakayama prefectures to write about recently developed tours and experiences from an international perspective.

    February, 2022
  • Ministry of Agriculture – Countryside Stays Japan – Article and Video Content Creation

    Article and Video Content Creation

    We were asked to produce a series of articles and videos for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan website Countryside Stays Japan. We developed itineraries that would appeal to international travelers and sent out small teams to 8 prefectures. For this project we produced both English and Chinese (Traditional) content.

    January, 2022
  • Ministry of Environment – National Parks of Japan – Activity Compilation


    We were asked to translate this brochure for the fourth year in a row. This is an extensive, roughly 300 page brochure which reflects the latest tours and activities offered at the National Parks of Japan nationwide. We assigned a dedicated team to work on this project for the duration, and optimized the work flow to turn around the vast volume of content within the deadline. Points of clarification, and explanations of the technical terms used were also provided to the client when requested so they were completely confident that the translation was accurate.

    January, 2022
  • The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan: Monthly Online Edition

    Online Content

    We were asked to make an online version of the The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan's Number 1 Shinbun. Previously we had worked on the print version, but due to the pandemic the magazine was shifted to online so that those unable to visit Japan could stay up-to-date. The existing layout was adjusted to make it easy to read on digital devices.

    September, 2021 - Present