• Cabinet Office, Government of Japan: Super City Initiative English Homepage

    Website Content Creation

    Original website for the Japanese Cabinet Office outlining Japan's Super City Initiative. The text, design, and graphics were all original, and produced in consultation with the Cabinet Office and a small team of international creatives to ensure the message would be widely understood by an international audience. The site was also coded to match the client's existing website infrastructure.

    March, 2021
  • Virtual Trip Produced for Echizen City Sightseeing Information Center

    Virtual Events

    Virtual trip produced for Echizen City in Fukui Prefecture targeting English-speaking territories. Content was selected in discussion with the area and inbound experts, and as part of the broadcast live segments were streamed from a blade workshop and Japanese paper atelier. The tour was broadcast and archived on YouTube so that it could reach potential visitors live as well as a long-term audience on the platform. Our media partner assisted with the marketing and social media campaign and ensured an engaged audience watched live.

    March 6, 2021
  • Cabinet Office, Government of Japan: Furusato Tax Project Pamphlet

    Pamphlet Creation

    Japanese language pamphlet produced for the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, outlining the regional efforts to advance and utilize the Furusato Tax project. Our team contacted and interviewed 52 local governments and gathered information about their respective strategies and developmental strategies relating to this project. The complete pamphlet showcases the diverse range of activities and applications regionally, and aims to inspire innovation and social responsibility in the ongoing development of this project.

    March, 2021
  • Cabinet Office – Open Geospatial Consortium – International Conference Presentation Video

    Video Presentation

    Faced with the ongoing inability to travel internationally due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were asked to create a video presentation for the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan that could be played at the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) international conference. Our team worked closely with the relevant ministry figures to write an original speech in English on the subject of Japan's move from Smart to Super Cities. We then created an accompanying video that resonated with themes relating to Super Cities using motion graphics and 3D urban city mapping technology.

    January, 2021
  • Believe in Organic – Logo Creative and Design


    Design project for organic vegetable delivery service "B.I.O". Our design team began by proposing multiple design options, and then working with the client to finalize a single design that matched their brand image. According to the client's preferences the "O" of the "B.I.O" design was proposed as a lettuce, and we also developed some copy text to match their logo.

    December, 2020
  • Ouse-Inaka Experience Exchange Bilingual Video Creation


    Video project to introduce the ongoing activities of the Ouse-Inaka Experience Exchange. The program allows Japanese and international visitors to experience country life in the town of Ouse, Fukushima Prefecture, so a bilingual video was the appropriate choice to make everyone feel welcome. A combination of drone footage, interviews with program members, and footage from the kind of activities and experiences visitors can expect was compiled with a view that it could be used for many years in various promotional activities.

    Autumn, 2020
  • Hitachi Seaside Park – Inbound Tourism Planning Survey


    SEDO dispatched 5 travel experts for a project at Hitachi Seaside Park for a survey on how to approve the viability of the park as an inbound tourism destination. Advisors were from the U.K, France, Canada, Australia, and Vietnam, and various specialities brought their independent research and experience to the project for a park survey followed by a presentation session.

    October, 2020
  • Ministry of Environment – National Parks of Japan Activity Compilation 2020

    Translation and Editing

    Starting in 2018, SEDO was responsible for the English translation, managed by JTB, for this Ministry of Environment brochure compiling information on tourism-related activities available at the various National Parks of Japan. In addition to revising existing English translations, we have worked on new translations each year and the current brochure is some 300 pages and continues to grow each year. Our specialized team is familiar with the national parks themselves, but also the relevant language needed to describe the natural world with accuracy.

  • Hokuriku-Shin’etsu District Transport Bureau「Tokyo-Osaka via Hokuriku Strategic Promotions」Video and SNS Campaign

    Video Creation - SNS Marketing

    As part of the Hokuriku-Shin'etsu District Transport Bureau's ongoing promotion of the newly extended Hokuriku Shinkansen and other regional transportation infrastructure, SEDO produced a series of videos with accompanying travel stories. Video and articles for web spanned 12 prefectures in total, and was a mammoth undertaking that saw a director, writer, and a camera team take to the road for a number of weeks. The non-verbal videos and English-language content, were then promoted with a social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram that far exceeded its initial reach goals.

    July, 2019 - March, 2020
  • Japan National Tourism Association (JNTO) – Website Content Creation for Taste Tour Japan

    Website Content Creation

    Original website content creation oriented around restaurant search functionality. Our team travelled Japan, planning, shooting, and writing original English-language content with an international tourist in mind. While primarily a food-themed website, the content was designed to interweave cultural themes to appeal to a wide audience.

    July, 2020 - February, 2021