Inbound Marketingに属する投稿一覧

  • Kiso Tourism Association – Market Research

    Inbound Market Research

    Multi-level market research project that included FAM trips, monitor tours, and press tours using travel industry experts and international journalists to improve the inbound planning for the Kiso Tourism Association.

    February, 2017
  • Otsuki City Hall, Yamanashi Prefecture – Market Research

    Inbound Market Research

    Surveys and market research conducted in English to provide insights to Otsuki City in Yamanashi Prefecture with the goal of improving the area's inbound strategy.

    September, 2016
  • Japan Sake & Shochu Makers Association – Project Management


    Tasting events targeting international guests organized for the Japan Sake & Shochu Makers Association. The project included operating the event office as well as PR and inviting foreign guests.

    September, 2016 - September, 2017
  • Ministry of Environment – National Parks of Japan Pamphlet Creation

    English Language Pamphlet

    Original photography and writing project that spanned 8 national parks from Hokkaido in the north all the way to southern Okinawa deploying an international team to capture the Japanese great outdoors from a fresh perspective.

  • Ministry of Environment – National Parks of Japan – English Editing

    English Language Pamphlet

    English language pamphlet that was originally translated from Japanese, but needed to be rewritten and edited to correct English. The content was also edited to ensure that the appeal of the National Parks of Japan was accurately aligned with international travel expectations.

    2019 Autumn