Inbound Marketingに属する投稿一覧

  • Ouse-Inaka Experience Exchange – Research and Monitor Tours

    Research and Consulting

    A team of experts from Europe, North America, and Australia were dispatched over three separate tours of Ouse in Fukushima. They provided insights during their trip to the local tourism association, and reported their findings to help develop tourism services in the area. In addition an article was commissioned for to help put messaging into practice.

    December, 2021
  • Inbound Research Project on the Parks of Kitakyushu


    A construction and management firm asked us to survey a number of parks and sites of historical interest in the city of Kitakyushu with the goal to provide insights as to how the parks could be made more appealing for international tourists. We mobilized a team of East Asian and Western experts to produce a report of both the on-site facilities and online presence. A report was then submitted and a chance given to the client to ask for further information on the areas that interested them.

    September, 2021
  • Virtual Trip Produced for Echizen City Sightseeing Information Center

    Virtual Events

    Virtual trip produced for Echizen City in Fukui Prefecture targeting English-speaking territories. Content was selected in discussion with the area and inbound experts, and as part of the broadcast live segments were streamed from a blade workshop and Japanese paper atelier. The tour was broadcast and archived on YouTube so that it could reach potential visitors live as well as a long-term audience on the platform. Our media partner assisted with the marketing and social media campaign and ensured an engaged audience watched live.

    March 6, 2021
  • Hitachi Seaside Park – Inbound Tourism Planning Survey


    SEDO dispatched 5 travel experts for a project at Hitachi Seaside Park for a survey on how to approve the viability of the park as an inbound tourism destination. Advisors were from the U.K, France, Canada, Australia, and Vietnam, and various specialities brought their independent research and experience to the project for a park survey followed by a presentation session.

    October, 2020
  • Nikko National Park – Advanced Inbound Tourism Development Project


    Advisor role on an Advanced Inbound Tourism Project developing the possibilities for the use of Nikko National Park as a tourism destination. In addition to research and speaking roles, a proof of concept pamphlet presenting the possibility of using the area as a wedding destination was produced.

    September, 2020 - October, 2020
  • Luggage-Free Travel Consulting Project


    Tailor-made consulting package for the JTB-operated Luggage-Free Travel service. As part of the project Samuel Thomas was appointed a Brand Advisor for JTB.

    June, 2019 - March, 2020
  • Ministry of Agriculture – Savor Japan Project – Virtual Event

    Virtual Events

    Series of virtual events and tours organized for the Ministry of Agriculture led "Savor Japan" project promoting regional food and related culture. Three events were held in total, and orchestrated from the planning to operational stage by SEDO.

    August and November, 2020, March 2021
  • Ouse-Inaka Experience Exchange – Bilingual Website Direction

    Bilingual Website Direction

    Original Japanese and English website created for the Ouse-Inaka Experience Exchange Association.

    Winter, 2019 - Spring, 2020
  • Kamakura City – Market Research

    Inbound Market Research

    FAM Trip, Monitor Tour, and Press Tour using international tourism experts to improve the inbound strategy of Kamakura City.

    December, 2016
  • Tama City – Market Research

    Inbound Market Research

    Market research project for the the Tama City area of Metropolitan Tokyo that used both FAM Trips and Press Tours using international travel writers to develop insights in order to promote the area and improve its inbound tourism appeal.

    December, 2016