International Perspectivesに属する投稿一覧

  • Nakano Broadway Merchants Association – Website and Pamphlet

    Website Design and Content Creation

    Multilingual website for Nakano Broadway and accompanying pamphlet. Visual design, direction, and branding was developed with an international audience in mind using the work of cult illustrator TOKIYA.

    December, 2016 - August, 2017
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government – Life in Tokyo Website

    Website Content Creation

    Multilingual website content creation targeted at international residents living in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area for Life in Tokyo, a lifestyle website operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

    December, 2016 - Present
  • Fujitsu JAIMS Project – Content Creation

    Website Content Creation

    Interview and article content creation as part of the Fujitsu JAIMS Project.

    May, 2016 - Present
  • Ministry of Environment – National Parks of Japan Pamphlet Creation

    English Language Pamphlet

    Original photography and writing project that spanned 8 national parks from Hokkaido in the north all the way to southern Okinawa deploying an international team to capture the Japanese great outdoors from a fresh perspective.

  • Isetan Shinjuku – International Blog and Facebook Content Creation

    Website Content Creation

    News content creation in four languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean) for the fashionable Isetan Shinjuku department store.

    December 2012 - Present
  • Ministry of Environment – National Parks of Japan – English Editing

    English Language Pamphlet

    English language pamphlet that was originally translated from Japanese, but needed to be rewritten and edited to correct English. The content was also edited to ensure that the appeal of the National Parks of Japan was accurately aligned with international travel expectations.

    2019 Autumn